Before putting it in the machine, it’s a good idea to manually clean the areas that accumulate most dirt: armpits, shirt collar and folds. Prepare a mixture of water and French soap, soak a clean sponge in this mix, then gently rub the affected areas. If your shirt is new or not particularly dirty, move straight on to the next steps.

Washing instructions

  1. You must carefully check the washing instructions on the label, as these specify the temperature of the ideal cycle. In general, synthetic clothing should be washed at 30 degrees, while cotton and denim shirts should be washed at high temperatures. To avoid damage to your clothes, do not exceed 60°.
  2. For 30° wash cycles, it is preferable to choose a liquid detergent (powder may leave traces at low temperatures). Liquid products have added detergents.
  3. Washing hacks:

For a colored shirt: the shirt should be buttoned and turned inside-out; this will help you to keep the color bright and remove sweat.

For white shirts: to restore the bright white and remove stubborn yellow stains, add bicarbonate of soda or soda crystals to the drum or detergent tray (tray 1 for pre-wash, tray 2 for a cycle without pre-wash, the tray with the flower for the softener).

How should you dry a shirt?

Dry your shirt in a ventilated room: hang it to on clothes hanger to prevent most folds. This will mean you have less ironing to do. If you dry it on the terrace or balcony, avoid direct exposure to the sun: UV rays damage the fiber and discolor the fabric.