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Partnering with the World N1 in Self-Service Laundry


More than a customer relationship

Another important point: our customer approach. From our first contact, our investors feel that they are not mere customers, but true partners. In a nutshell: your success is our success. You are a partner and you join the Speed Queen family.


Manage your activity from the cloud, and offer an app to your users

We developed a full ecosystem for ambitious laundry owner.

Speed Queen Insights makes connecting with customers easy and growing the business even easier. 

All business management needs – financial and operational data and analytics, customer engagement, service and maintenance – are all tied together into a single cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere.

Its new mobile payment app with customer rewards makes the laundry experience seamless and enjoyable for customers. It’s the easiest, most comprehensive laundry management platform ever.


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