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Economic crises make it difficult to start a business, including hiring staff (staff management is complex and management costs have increased significantly in relation to sales). A laundromat is a much safer business than most investments. As it is simple to manage, most of our laundry owners also consider to open several laundromats in the same city.


The profitability of laundromats

Opening a laundromat is an investment that minimizes staff costs and offers a quick return on investment (ROI). Besides, this type of activity is not damaged like others by the vagaries of the economic situation.

Note that the variable costs are equal to the operating costs of the activity. This is one of the great benefits of this small business.

To live comfortably from this activity, we recommend to our investors to open several laundromats gradually. The profit generated by each launderette can triple between the first year of activity and the fifth year.


Management without constraints

Your laundromat does not require your presence all day long. Except the opening, cashflow (to recover cash) and cleaning, the laundromat does not require any work. It’s an activity that gives you time to focus on other projects.

Managing a second store is possible. Our support and the profitability of Speed Queen concept convinced them so much that some of our investors opened up to 5 laundries within a radius of 10 kilometers.


A defined action scope for each laundromat

To open other laundromats Speed ​​Queen does not cannibalize the traffic of the first store. For the simple reason that each store has a limited action on the neighborhood. Most of your guests go walking to your self service laundry. That is why we choose locations with high demographic potential.

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More than a customer relationship

Another important point: our customer approach. From our first contact, our investors feel that they are not mere customers, but true partners. In a nutshell: your success is our success. You are a partner and you join the Speed Queen family.


Manage your activity from the cloud, and offer an app to your users

We developed a full ecosystem for ambitious laundry owner.

Speed Queen Insights makes connecting with customers easy and growing the business even easier. 

All business management needs – financial and operational data and analytics, customer engagement, service and maintenance – are all tied together into a single cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere.

Its new mobile payment app with customer rewards makes the laundry experience seamless and enjoyable for customers. It’s the easiest, most comprehensive laundry management platform ever.


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