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Store locations

Find the laundromat nearest to you

With Speed Queen’s Laundromat finder, you can find the laundry nearest to your home. Enter the name of your city in the search field and you will get the list of laundries by zip code.

For each self-service laundromat, a detailed description will provide the following information: address, phone number, opening and closing hours, types of machines available, services and prices offered. A photo gallery gives you an overview of the laundry, whilst a Google map shows you exactly how far away it is.

      The machines in our laundromats

      Speed Queen washing machines and dryers allow you to wash and dry large amounts of laundry at once.

      Laundry prices

      The rates of our laundromats naturally depend on the type of machine used, but we can guarantee you the best price/quality ratio at all times. The rates for services vary according to the machine load and the length of the washing/drying cycle.

      The services offered by our laundromats

      You can find other services too, in addition to the machines available: Wi-Fi, a relaxation room, a play area for children, TV, vending machines with detergents and washing powders … Each laundromat is different and some include some or all of these services. The detailed information on each Speed Queen laundromat also tells you if it incorporates a CCTV system and if there is parking nearby. You can see what forms of payment are accepted (credit card, loyalty card and/or cash payment).

      Some tips & tricks for washing clothes

      Whether you need to wash a comforter, a pair of shoes or a T-shirt, find the best advice from the global leader in industrial laundering, articles on how to remove the toughest stains, including wine or oil stains, bleaching linen or understanding washing labels.