How to open laundromat in Berlin, Munich, Roma, Athens, Frankfurt, Budapest, and more...

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Great alternative to franchise business, Speed Queen Licensed Store have already opened in Paris, Rome, Lyon, Brussels, Milan, Turin, Madrid, ​​Erfurt, Lisbon, Barcelona, Zagreb, Warsaw and more.

We are expanding fast and are now looking for investors to open laundromats in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Nice, Luxembourg, Budapest, Bucharest, Istanbul, Athens, Belgrade …


The success of self-service laundromat

All of them need industrial washers (washing machines) and professional clothes-dryers (dryers).

The self-service laundromat sector is expanding, especially in (name of the country). How can it be that laundries keep on increasing in number?

The main reason of the success: the constant demand. Not everyone has a washing machine and some households decide to use a laundromat, in order to save both time and money.

The laundromat market continues to do so well because opening a self service laundromat is a profitable business and attractive for investors. Initial investment is relatively modest, the fixed and variable costs are reasonable, there are no staff costs, risk of payment default are zero and the ROI rapid.

Open a laundromat in...

Berlin Budapest, Bucharest, Istanbul, Athens, Belgrade, Roma, Moscow, London, Dublin

Still today, some of the biggest European cities do not offer enough laundromats to meet the growing demand of the market. Tourists visiting European capitals such as Berlin, Roma, Athens or Bucarest won’t find a good place to wash their clothes. In some of those cities, where real estate is still affordable, buying a good place for business and set up in it a no-staff business can be a very profitable operation.

Store locations

Open a laundromat in...

Frankfurt, Munich, Nice, Luxembourg, Sevilla, Tirana …

Laundromats thrive in areas where population is concentrated, as in +100.000 inhabitants cities. Nevertheless, you could also be the unique or first laundry store of a +30.000 people city in your country. Because the population density in those cities is structured in a different way than in capitals, laundry stores usually find a broader customer audience and become, for instance, the convenient place to wash duvet and other big items in Nice, or the best value-for-money place to do all your holidays laundry at once when visiting Sevilla.


Store locations


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