How to open a self service laundromat

Speed Queen Laundry concept is an excellent alternative to franchise, and is developing all around your country. We have already opened launderettes in the following cities: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Rome, Milan, Turin, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Erfurt, Lisbon, Zagreb, Warsaw… We are now looking to expand and open more laundromats in Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels, Munich, Nice, Luxembourg..Would you like to open a self service laundry in your preferred city? Contact us now to  discuss your project.

Several factors must be taken into account when opening a self service laundromat.



Opening a Speed ​​Queen self service laundromat does not require any specific skill. No diploma or special training is required. It is therefore a concept accessible to all! Better still: in a self service laundromat, it is the customers and the machines that do the work. Not you!

So no need for any on-site presence. This is what makes the self service laundromat perfect as a second job: you do not have to leave your job to get ahead in this activity.

Note: you can manage several self service laundromats at the same time since managing one takes up very little time each week.

Project Location


The hardest part is not knowing how to open a laundromat but deciding where to open it. Because the choice of location is a strategic question. The estimated turnover of a self service laundromat is calculated according to the demographic data and the characteristics of the targeted area.

The estimated turnover of a self service laundromat is calculated according to the demographic data and the characteristics of the targeted area.

Note: our experts have demographic information and will analyze it with you to select the most appropriate location for your Speed ​​Queen self service laundromat.

Equipment quality

Equipment quality

Of course, the equipment in your laundromat needs to be up to the expectations of your customers. It must also be reliable and durable to reduce maintenance and renewal costs. When you open a Speed Queen self service laundry, you deal directly with an expert brand which has been manufacturing top of the range machines for more than a century. Robust, proven, equipped with cutting-edge technology, Speed Queen professional washing machines guarantee you unparalleled quality.

Note: thanks to its complete, near-to-hand, operational assistance, Speed Queen also provides optimal support and maintenance service.

Start-up costs

Start-up costs

As with any business, opening a self-service laundry involves some initial costs. These costs vary, depending on the size of the self service laundromat, its location, and the number of machines or ancillary services.

However, start-up costs can be recovered quickly thanks to the success rate of the sector and its excellent return on investment.

Contact our experts to have your self-service laundry opened in no time.

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