Most of the Speed ​​Queen laundries in Europe remain open, despite the current crisis. This is largely because laundries are considered an essential service for the population, and because of the low burdens attached to the business model. Such factors also make Speed Queen laundries stable investments during these uncertain times.

“At Speed Queen, we are proud to offer a thoughtful business model, with a vocation to serve the community, which is compatible with maximizing investor benefits and reducing investment risk, even in these difficult times,” said Marco Treggiari, director of the project for EMEAI. “In fact, we already anticipate a boom after the crisis, when people are going to want to thoroughly clean all their white clothes, duvets and more, used during confinement,” Treggiari added.

Indeed, the owner only has to bear the rent of the premises and its supplies, and since there are no staff, being a self-service business, both the risks of spreading the virus and the costs are minimized.

The investor who decides to open a Speed ​​Queen self-service laundry gets a turnkey business. He will always be accompanied by the Speed ​​Queen team, who will help in choosing the location, equipment and store layout, based according to the needs and expectations of the audience. Speed Queen experts also will coordinate the work to achieve the brand’s own premium design.

Speed ​​Queen offers a premium service to its clients with high comfort, since they are equipped with Wi-Fi Internet connection, lounge, television, etc.

With more than 100 years of experience, and more than 700 laundries in Europe, Speed Queen has become the world number 1 in self-service laundries.