Products can be characterized by their quality, their innovative aspects and by the following they attract. These are often products aimed at the general public – B2C business – and brands that advertise widely. But there are the centuries-old companies which focus on the performance and excellence of their product, products that have proved their worth and have earned, over the years, the trust and loyalty of consumers. Speed Queen is one of these and is, today, a cult brand in the United States.

Speed Queen, manufacturers of professional washing machines and dryers since 1908

Speed Queen’s history goes back more than a century: 100 years of experience, during which time this brand of washing machine has won Americans’ unconditional trust. With the support of Alliance Laundry Systems, in 2014 Speed Queen launched its concept of international laundries: ultra-modern laundromats, designed to ensure optimal customer experience. In contrast to other players in the sector, Speed Queen manufactures its own machines and deals directly with investors, without any intermediaries.

Proven performance

Speed Queen machines have long been renowned for their performance. Thanks to decades of research, development and radical innovations, Speed Queen washing machines and dryers are unbeaten for their durability and exceptional value.

Some American homes have been using the same machine for over 25 years and consider their washing machines authentic collector’s items. And with good reason, with professional and industrial quality offered in products intended for the general public.

For the 4th consecutive year, in 2017 Speed Queen won the Women Choice Award, making it the best brand of washing machine according to Americans. Shortly after this, Speed Queen also received favorable mention in the European press (French magazine Capital, Spanish newspaper La Vanguardiaand Portuguese newspaper Espresso), thanks to its laundromat concept.

The Speed Queen stamp

Work always pays off. The proverb proves true once again: whilst some manufacturers rely on merchandising and low quality, Speed Queen focuses on innovation. American consumers are willing to pay a little extra for Speed Queen washing machines, which are both robust and ecological. Increasingly, they are happy to turn their backs on bottom-end goods and continuous repairs, preferring to go for Speed Queen machines: households, industrial laundries and laundromats put their trust in Speed Queen. This is what we call the Speed Queen difference.

Speed Queen product distribution

You won’t find Speed Queen machines in major electronic stores. Speed Queen has developed a network of authorized dealers, close to their customers, who know how to listen, advise you on the technical aspects of each product and are qualified to guide you in making the best choice.

Proven reliability and durability

According to Consumer Reports, Speed Queen is one of the most reliable washing machine brands on the market*. The survey was conducted amongst 115,000 consumers. The cycles of the tested machines vary from 35 to 55 minutes, a record time achieved in Speed Queen professional and in-house laundries.

Many users referred to their negative experiences with other brands of washing machine; even machine repairmen recommended Speed Queen. The popularity of Alliance Laundry Systems’ leading brand was spread by word of mouth, based on two core values: product reliability and durability and after-sales service.

*“Speed Queen top-loaders are one of the most reliable washer brands.”

Prices & Expenses

If Speed Queen products are more expensive than the market average, it’s because they are made in metal, not plastic, not to mention the technical quality of every Speed Queen model. But paying a little more means saving money in the long run, because cycles are faster and more energy-efficient and this shows in the bills for water and electricity.

If you would like more information about our machines, feel free to contact us via our contact form.  We also invite you to discover our concept of what makes a laundry, a turnkey solution to set up a profitable, self-service laundry.

An international network of laundries

The Speed Queen network spans all continents and comprises more than 70,000 laundromats, laundries set up by individuals and investors thanks to Speed Queen’s turnkey solutions: from the business plan to equipping the laundry, through the choice of the location, Speed Queen experts have been advising European investors since 2014.

In the space of 3 years, Speed Queen has opened more than 200 laundries all over Europe, especially in France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Speed Queen is now the world’s no. 1 in the laundry business, for the scope of its network and the reliability of its equipment. To date, it is the only brand to equip its laundromats with its own machines.

Speed Queen’s concept of laundries

Speed Queen’s proposal is aimed at people wishing to open a laundry, embark on an enterprise project and run their own business. Speed Queen’s experts guide investors from the very start of their adventure:

    • Market Research
    • Assessment of work volume
    • Choice of the location and size of the future laundry
    • Choice of equipment and arrangement of the machines. Alone amongst laundry franchisors, Speed Queen is the only brand to manufacture its own machines and cut out all intermediaries. 
  • Works and opening of the laundry

The Speed Queen concept is a turnkey solution that is spreading across Europe: opening a laundromat is a profitable enterprise and one which requires relatively little management (no personnel costs, cash management for essential costs). You are completely free to run another activity at the same time, since it is not necessary to be on site 24/24: just take care of the opening and closing and be on call in case of problems.

Laundromats all over the world

The success of laundromats

How do you explain the success of Speed Queen laundries, at a time where most of us have a washing machine at home? The answer is simpler than it seems.

First, because not all households do have a washing machine, either because they can’t afford it or because of a deliberate choice.

Secondly, because  using a laundromat saves time (the average cycle lasts 1 hour, including drying) and money (you can wash more than 20 kg of laundry at once, compared with 5 kg using a domestic machine).

With Speed Queen laundries, you can wash large items of laundry, such as comforters and curtains, which are impossible to wash in a domestic machine.

A great investment idea

Speed Queen laundries don’t only attract students. The clientele is varied and the demand is constant and includes pensioners and executives as well as  large families.

A laundry is an excellent business proposition,  combining moderate investment with good profitability in the medium and long term.

Location is a determining factor in your success: most users go to the laundromat on foot and the laundry draws its customers from the immediate neighborhood. Speed Queen industrial laundry experts assist you in undertaking market research and help you choose the best possible location.

Speed Queen seeks to constantly improve its customers’ user-experience, with ever-increasing machine efficiency, support and guidance to investors and the creation of ergonomic and welcoming premises.

Join the Speed Queen Success!