An intelligent laundromat is one that boasts the ultimate in automated services. Automated services can be defined as the set of computing and electronic techniques used to automate a home or store. When it comes to an entire building, the term “building automation” is sometimes used.

Speed Queen laundromats stand out from the crowd thanks to their high level of automation. Our innovations concentrate on three fundamental areas: security, energy and communications.

A secure laundromat

Speed Queen laundromats are secure in more ways than one. Equipped with CCTV and alarms, every store is filmed and connected 24/7.

Our machines are equipped with a hermetically sealed door which is impossible to open during the wash cycle. So you can leave your clothes spinning around to go and enjoy shopping in the nearby stores.

Our laundromats are also set up to allow for remote management of the equipment. For more information on this topic, please get in touch!

Eco-friendly laundromat

Each year, Speed Queen reinvents its industrial washing machines at Alliance Laundry Systems innovation centers. One of our goals is to reduce energy and water consumption, in order to develop a full range of environmentally friendly machines.

By choosing Speed Queen, you are making a commitment to the environment, while having the guarantee of impeccable results. Our machines are designed to deep clean textile fibers without damage. Your laundered items will last longer, reducing your textile consumption as well as your environmental footprint.

A communicative laundromat

An orders-and-payments terminal is connected to all of the stores’ washers and dryers. Featuring a micro-computer interface and touch screen, this terminal is super simple to use. Cycles can be paid for with the customer loyalty card or cash.

The terminal provides the manager with full transparency of all transactions, and helps to monitor the store’s profitability. The manager does not need to be on-site and can easily manage their laundry from a distance.