Our investors are enterprising and ambitious people. That’s why we chose their stories to give you a first-hand insight into the day-to-day running of the Speed Queen business. Today, we introduce you to Jesús Antonio Páez Berrones, owner of 3 Speed Queen laundromats in Madrid.

If you identify with his project, path and enthusiasm, this business could be for you.

Jesús Antonio is an economist and has always liked working on his own, “it motivates me to get up every day and know that I am going to work for myself. “He considers himself a fighter, entrepreneur and hard worker. He defines himself as a passionate professional with everything he does and demanding in the type of business he invests in. “I always want to work with the best products, partners or brands for customers to take the best,” he says.

Whenever he starts a new challenge, he always looks at what he is going to undertake, he gets fully into the project and does not stop investigating and asking every little detail, to make sure that what is offered really has a future.

He is currently the owner of two call shops, which he has managed for 18 years.

Why open a laundromat?

Jesús Antonio had never considered investing in the laundry business, however, he saw a great opportunity when the laundromat near his call shop closed. Although it was a different business model from the self-service one, he was hit by the fact that it always had a lot of customers.

From then on, he began to investigate the business in-depth: “in a matter of days, I contacted all the brands of self-service laundries, visited stores of all the brands and saw the Speed Queen store on Calle Canarias and thought, this model and aesthetics are not in any of the other brands. Initially, what surprised me the most was that I didn’t need staff, I could use 90% of the facilities of the previous laundry and I knew firsthand that the store had a lot of customers.”

Why Speed Queen?

The first thing that struck me visually was the Speed Queen equipment when you compare different brands, the aesthetics and the technology.

5 key success factors to make a laundry profitable – According to Jesús Antonio

  • Adapt schedules to the needs of customers.
  • Daily cleaning.
  • Search for the best laundry products.
  • Give free gifts to customers.
  • Offer aggressive promotions that generate traffic.

Another of the factors that he considers fundamental in the self-service laundry business is technology, especially because it makes it easier for the owner to see how the business is doing in real-time, as well as the convenience of managing the machines from his cell phone.

Advice from entrepreneur to entrepreneur

For Jesús Antonio, a key consideration for the business must be the location“Look for premises near supermarkets, that are commercial streets with all kinds of services, position yourself near old laundries as customers will quickly see the difference.” He even suggests, “a good option is to find a laundromat that is going to close due to bad management, being sure that the location of the premises is the right one.”

Let’s talk about the “Speed People” service

With Speed People, Speed Queen offers the investor quality content and special campaigns to connect with their consumer. As a result, the investor will benefit from more traffic to his laundry, more success, and the opportunity to expand to additional locations.

In Jesús Antonio’s experience, “I currently have Speed People in the last location I opened, and the truth is that it works great, in each publication they make, they reach thousands of people in social media.”

Future projection

“I think it is a business that will grow over time, starting from the point that it can work as a self-service.” 

Even today in a post-pandemic reality, Jesús Antonio assures that a Speed Queen self-service laundromat is a stable business and that he is certain that he will open more laundromats with the brand.

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