A new chapter for the brand story in Europe.

The Speed Queen team is pleased to share one of the major steps in the growth and success of the brand in Europe, specifically in Ireland, where on 14 November, they opened the first of 23 Speed Queen laundromats planned to be fully operational within April 2022.

Speed Queen laundry opening Ireland 4

A major project for Speed Queen

The launderette, located in the forecourt of the Clarehall Tesco Shopping Mall in Dublin (Malahide Rd, Northern Cross), benefits from a footfall of around 100,000 people a week. Undoubtedly, the projection of this plan by a group of investors will boost the brand’s exposure in a short period and secure a fast ramp-up for the business.

Approved by a 100% premium concept

The planned openings in Ireland include fully independent Speed Queen shops, under a completely premium concept and design. The shop opened just a few days ago offers 6 washers and 6 dryers, and an area reserved for PET accessories. The design of the Speed Queen Concept guarantees a comfortable waiting area with folding tables. The 23 Irish Speed Queen will be the first in Europe fully cashless. And the best part? Thanks to the Speed Queen Insights platform, the owner can manage remotely the laundry from a digital platform or mobile APP, taking actions on the machines or sending end-users promotions in just a few clicks. End users can pay through the Speed Queen application. Saving time, costs, and complexity, a complete win-win.

Speed Queen laundry opening Ireland 3

Innovation and sustainability at every step

This new laundry – and the next 22 laundries to come in Ireland – are equipped with ozonized water generators. What impact will this have? Having ozonized water will reduce service-related expenses by 40%, as no hot water will be needed; it will have a less environmental impact and will significantly increase the laundry performance.

For the end-user the difference is visible: fewer chemicals on their skin, excellent washing performance, and soft fabrics – try it with wool, and you see for yourself.

With this new project, Speed Queen keeps expanding its footprint in Europe and building a game-changing value proposition in the laundry market: premium-designed laundry stores build to last and perform, with a reduced impact on the planet.

This is the result of the hard work of all the Speed Queen teams. Cheers!?

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