Which wash cycle should you use?

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Here, we describe the various wash cycles on a standard household washing machine. Remember to check the garment label and follow the washing instructions provided.

What temperature should be used?

ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency) recommends use of the 30°C wash cycle, which consumes half as much energy as a cycle at 60°C, and three times less than a cycle at 90°C.

Cycles and their corresponding temperatures:

  • A temperature of 30° is suitable for most fabrics
  • 40°: fabrics made of cotton, linen, viscose, wool, acrylic, etc.
  • 50°: nylon, polyester /cotton or cotton /viscose mix
  • 60°: ideal for sheets, bed linen and towels
  • 90°: suitable only for white cotton and stained linen


Types of laundry: towels, underwear, tablecloths, sheets, etc. Use the 60° cycle for very dirty cotton and linen.

Tip: you can wash your cotton clothes with a mild detergent; to do so, use the lowest temperature possible (20° is ideal).


This category includes items made with man-made fibers (polyester, poly-acrylic, viscose, etc) or cotton mixes.

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Temperature options:

  • 60°
  • 40°
  • 30°: choose this temperature to protect quilt fillings and delicate synthetic fabrics

Delicates and silk

For silk, fine lingerie, curtains and delicate linen (dresses, skirts, shirts, blouses).


Suitable for machine washable wool, linen and viscose, this program cares for the material by controlling speed, water flow, and the spin-dry.

Temperature options:

  • Cold: this program lets you reduce your energy consumption while protecting the fabric. Your laundry is washed at the same temperature as your water supply (which will vary from one season to another).
  • 30°

Whites and colors

Sort your laundry to avoid mixing white laundry with other colors.

Tip: whiten your white clothes by adding an oxygen-based whitening product to the detergent.

Temperature options:

  • 30°
  • 40°
  • 60°
  • 60° – Stains: stain-remover program that enhances the effectiveness of detergent.
  • 90°
  • 60+ Pre-wash: recommended for very dirty or stained clothes; pre-wash removes the majority of dirt from your laundry items. This means your laundry is not washed in dirty water.


This program is recommended for sensitive skin, for example for baby clothes or laundry belonging to people who suffer allergies. Here, detergents and chemicals are removed and the textile fiber is left immaculate. Hand washed laundry can be rinsed with this program.