Saint Paul Les Dax Laundromat: BEFORE/AFTER

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Equipped with 4 washing machines (one for 7kg loads and three for 18kg loads) and a double dryer, Mr. Leproust’s laundromat was looking tired, in terms of both equipment and merchandising. Other laundries that had opened more recently in the town offered a friendlier, more modern service.

Our team therefore supported Mr. Leproust throughout his refurbishment project, from A to Z… A record-breaking refurbishment that took just 10 days.

Audit of existing facilities

The Speed Queen team first of all carried out an audit of the existing facilities. Such audits are necessary to understand what can be kept ‘as is’, and what needs to be brought back up to standard. Everything is scrutinized: plumbing, lighting, machinery, layout of the premises (30m2 in this case)…this audit allows a comprehensive renovation estimate to be drawn up.

A new storefront

The storefront of the Saint Paul Les Dax laundry was too dark and fairly basic. Not only could the machines not been clearly seen from the outside, but the interior of the laundromat was too dim. Signage made little impact. 


laverie saint paul les dax avant

The Speed Queen teams redesigned the facade to maximize premises visibility and attract a maximum volume of traffic. The images speak for themselves: vibrant colors and a clean storefront that showcases modern, welcoming premises.


laundromat, Saint Paul Les Dax Laundromat: BEFORE/AFTER

Speed Queen equipment and performance

The machines at the Saint Paul Les Dax laundromat were old: when maintenance increases and machine performance is reduced, there is a subsequent impact on user experience and the owner’s profitability.

To fix the issue, Speed Queen proceeded with a complete overhaul of the equipment.:

  • Washing machine: 2 SC 020 washing machines (capacity: 9 kg) and 3 SC 040 washing machines (18 kg)
  • Dryers: 1 SUT 30 double dryer (2×14 kg)  and 1 SUT 35 dryer (16 kg)
  • Fully integrated touchscreen payment center
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Speed Queen has thus increased capacity to in turn generate an increase in revenue: it is now possible for large items to be laundered thanks to the new machines.

BEFORE: 4 washing machines including one for loads of 18 kg + 1 double dryer

machines a laver laverie avant

AFTER: 5 washing machines including 3 for loads of up to 18 kg + 3 dryers with capacity for 14 and 16 kg.

A new look

Besides the storefront, LED spotlights have been installed above each machine to improve lighting inside the premises. Signage has also been redesigned: information is clearer and more visible.

laverie speed queen france

The new design also helps to improve the laundromat’s image: it offers a professional feel, which is upheld by the performance of the machines (quick, eco and delicates wash cycles). 


The premises size didn’t allow for a spacious waiting area. In place of the original two seats (badly positioned with the door opening right in front of them), Speed Queen has installed a table that can be used to organize laundry items. 

laverie automatique saint paul les dax avant

To optimize the space, new seats have been installed to the left of the entrance.

The floor has been refitted: parquet flooring makes the facilities more welcoming and warmer than the previous tiles. Paint has also been updated in a similar way.


equipement speed queen

The wall has also been revamped. The payment center located at the entrance has been moved closer to the machines. The wall now features washing instructions and other practical info about the laundry. 

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