How to find an investment with a steady and quick ROI in 2021?

Partnering with the World N1 in Self-Service Laundry

Investing during a recession

The current economic crisis has shown us how fragile most of the usual business solutions are. But, the self-service laundry business is at its peak. It is a safe and lucrative opportunity to invest your money now, with a quick return on investment. The Speed Queen self-service laundries are the perfect crisis-proof investment idea.

The best market to invest in right now

With the ongoing increase of the world population, the need for self-service laundromats has never been greater. More and more people choose bigger towns (100.000+ population) as their place to live. The increased population density, along with smaller living spaces, has resulted in increased demand for the self-service laundry. Along with the rise of hygiene and sanitation care, a new market of safe investments opens.

The European self-service laundromats - the best investment option

Although 90% of European households already own a laundry machine, the European market is booming. A large number of tourists, increased mobility of the population, and environmentalist movements have placed Europe on the top of the laundry-demanding markets. More than 700 Speed Queen self-service laundry stores were opened in Europe in the last five years.

Given the fact that Europe has a population of over 740 million people, the investment market is still developing. You can become the first one to open a Speed Queen self-service laundry in your town, or even in your country! Don’t miss the opportunity for a secure investment.

Why invest in the Speed Queen self-service laundries?

  • Speed Queen self-service laundries are a recession-resistant business. Clean laundry is one of the basic needs, and people will always need it, despite all the market fluctuations.
  • Steady return of investment. The laundry business has a stable 20% – 35% ROI and an almost 95% success rate. If your goal is the best profit margin on the market, search no more!
  • Simple investment and maintenance. All the Speed Queen self-service laundries are automated, so your only job is cleaning the facility and supervising it remotely.
  • Lucrative investment niche. The self-service laundry niche market is far from saturated. Especially if you decide to invest in Europe, where the self-service laundromat market is growing, and the competition is almost non-existing.
  • Low investment and high profit. The Speed Queen concept is not a franchise, it is a business model much lighter than franchise with the best profit margin for a small business.
  • Minimum business costs, easy to estimate, and manage. Rent, electricity, water, and tax.

Why should I start investing in the Speed Queen self-service laundries now?

Maybe you want to multiply the starting investment in a low-risk environment. Perhaps you already own a commercial premise and would like to pivot your business to a new and more dynamic sector. Or you recognized a lucrative business opportunity, with a stable income, flexible working hours, and low costs. Laundromats can be your primary source of income, as well as the secondary one. Don’t miss out on the chance to become part of the global Speed Queen family and maximize your profit margin.

How do I start investing in the Speed Queen concept stores?

You can access our statistics for the Speed Queen laundromat business by downloading our free investing guide here. It will provide you with top investing advice and information about estimated EBITDA, ROI, and all the other financial aspects of successfully running a self-service laundromat.

Check our case studies with real figures about investment and revenues (ROI, EBITDA and margin)

Do you need real figures to better draft your business project? Our free investing guide details real outcomes for key countries such as France, Spain or Italy. You can download it here.


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