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Speed ​​Queen, world Nº1 in self-service laundromats

As a manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment for more than 100 years, Speed ​​Queen is now the world’s N1 in self-service laundromats.



“Speed ​​Queen, proven performance”

Our washing machines, dryers and other laundry equipment are the result of decades of research and development, guaranteeing unmatched quality and durability.

At the cutting edge of technology, Speed ​​Queen also offers innovative and interactive features that make the machines simpler and more intuitive to use. Ergonomics and design are also aimed at optimizing daily use.

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Profitable self-service laundromats

Speed ​​Queen’s proven performance is no idle boast! Our machines have proven themselves in domestic use but above all, in the commercial laundry sector, where their robustness and efficiency are put to the test day after day.

This reliability is one of the keys to the success of the Speed ​​Queen self-service laundry concept. Ubiquitous in the United States, this cost-effective and crisis-proof concept is now being exported worldwide, with more than 500 branded laundromats now open in Europe.

With its expertise and experience, Speed ​​Queen offers personalized service and support to its investor partners to open cost-effective self-service laundromats, mostly calling for limited investment.

By choosing Speed ​​Queen, you have the advantage of the quality and expertise of the world leader in self-service laundromats. Our experts guide you throughout the whole process of opening a Speed Queen project. A turnkey project, simple and accessible to all!

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