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Are you looking for a profitable investment? Discover the Speed Queen Concept:

  • A turnkey business
  • No need for training or experience
  • No entry fees or royalties to pay
  • No staff needed
  • Cash business
  • Limited investment
  • Installation and maintenance
Speed queen

Choose a premium business designed by experts

Speed Queen delivers a unique laundromat experience by creating a premium space, convenient and efficient to do laundry:

  • User-friendly washers and dryers that provide outstanding performance for decades.
  • A tailored laundromat designed by experts up to the last detail: special chairs, tables, walls and floor.
  • The branding and know-how of the world nº1 in self-service laundry.
Speed queen

Create your network of Laundromats

Think big, we provide the right tools for ambitious entrepreneurs:

  • A cloud-based dashboard to remotely manage your store, with central payment system, loyalty cards and a customer app
  • Support with tailored geomarketing study to to validate the best possible location for your laundromat.

Turnkey solution

Speed Queen brings you a complete solution:

  • Proven Business model
  • A premium branded laundry design
  • Guidance in location selection
  • Extensive support in your project
  • Reliable professional laundry equipment
  • Installation and maintenance

Why choose speed queen

We are the world Nº1 in laundromats

Laundry is all we do
The reliability of our machines is one of the keys to the success of the Speed Queen self-service laundry concept.

Turnkey service
Speed Queen offers personalized service and support to its investor partners to open cost-effective self-service laundromats.

Alternative to franchise
Since 2014, we have offered a premium laundromat concept, with clean branding and exceptional equipment. Our team will support your installation, with no royalties to pay, because we are not a franchise.

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There is probably a Speed Queen laundry store close to you, go see it: each of our laundry stores is our best proof of success: clean and premium designed spaces where customers are loving to do laundry, to wash specific items and weekly family laundry.

Speed queen

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