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1. What does Speed Queen do?

Speed Queen is a member of Alliance Laundry Systems, the world leader in manufacturing professional laundry equipment for over 100 years. Alliance LS brings together the world’s leading brands in the field of commercial laundry.

As the number one in their field, Alliance LS and Speed Queen are engaged daily in providing their customers with the best possible products and services, be it in laundromats, in communal dwellings, integrated laundries or in the sale of professional or domestic washing machines and dryers.

2. What is a Speed Queen laundromat?

Speed Queen laundromats are concept stores designed to enhance the customer experience in laundries and to turn laundromats into a friendly space. With this in mind, Speed Queen wants to give back to the laundry to its historical role and its social function.

3. What are the advantages of a laundromat?

The majority of households now own a washing machine. So how can the success of laundromats be explained? Firstly, a portion of the population – however small – has no washing machine: students, anyone who has just moved into an unfurnished apartment (the laundry is then a temporary solution) and those households where a deliberate choice is made not to acquire washing machine. Indeed, laundromats offer undeniable advantages:


  • A professional service: Speed Queen’s professional, industrial equipment is renowned for quality materials, durability and excellent results. Whatever kind of laundry you have, Speed Queen guarantees a perfect wash.
  • Save time: Speed Queen machines wash your laundry in about 30 minutes and dry in record time. Wash and dry in less than one hour.
  • Economize: in one machine, you can wash almost 20 kg of laundry, an impossible load for a domestic model.
  • Wash bulky items: Thanks to Speed Queen laundromats, you can wash very large laundry items such as comforters, curtains, carpets…
  • Participate in neighborhood life: Speed Queen laundromats are designed to provide maximum comfort to users, but also to create a friendly atmosphere conducive to socializing. Some laundromats are equipped with Wi-Fi, TV and a relaxation room.

4. What are the rates at Speed Queen laundromats?

The rates vary in different laundromats and depending on the capacity of the washing machines *:

  • Between 3 and 5 euro for washing machines with a capacity from 6,5 to 9 kg
  • Approximately 6 euro for washing machines with a capacity of 13,5 kg
  • Nine to approximately 11,50 euro for washing machines with a capacity of 18 kg
  • Approximately 14,50 euro for washing machines with a capacity of 24 kg

As for dryers, the prices will also depend on the drying times:

  • Dryer with capacity of 13,6 kg: between 0,50 and 1 euro per cycle
  • Dryer with capacity of 20,4 kg: between 1 and 2 euro per cycle

* These prices are only indicative, based on the rates of several Speed Queen laundromats: for accurate information, we invite you to use the Store Locator and check the details of the laundromat nearest you. Finally, note that the loyalty card entitles you to discounted rates.

5. How can I find the laundromat nearest to my home?

Speed Queen has developed a Laundromat Locator to find the nearest laundromat to your home. All information relating to laundries are detailed: address, map, rates, hours, services offered and some recommendations for washing and drying laundry.

6. How does a Speed Queen laundromat work?

Each Speed Queen laundry is unique but the use of washing machines and dryers is always intuitive and explained in each store.

7. Why open a Speed Queen laundromat?

Opening a Speed Queen laundromat means a complete change of life, setting up on our own account, getting involved in a project, doing something for your local area if you have one, finding a profitable investment or business, supplementing your income and planning for your retirement.

A Speed Queen laundromat is a modest investment, which requires no specific training. You can continue your professional activity in parallel: management is simple and can be done remotely.

The ROI of a Speed Queen laundromat is rapid and you can open one in a few months, with the support of experts in industrial laundering in laundromats: site selection, business plans, choice of machines… Speed Queen regional representatives – close to you and ready to help – will be your direct contact point, guaranteeing high quality service and careful design: the graphic charter of our laundromats is designed to create the best possible user experience.

Renowned for the excellence of its high-quality products, Speed Queen accompanies its investors from the very beginning of their adventure. The success of our customers is our success and the pride of Speed Queen, world number 1 amongst laundromats.

8. Can a Speed Queen laundromat be opened without staff?

Opening a Speed Queen laundromat requires only a small initial investment. Everything will depend on the characteristics of the laundromat you want to open, including its size.

Financing solutions are possible in some countries, including France. For more information on this subject, we invite you to contact us without commitment: we will discuss your project then.

9. What skills are required to open a laundromat?

No particular skill is required to open a laundromat. Being a bit of a handyman can be useful, but Speed Queen machines are well-known for their durability and need practically no maintenance. In addition, Speed Queen equipment is designed to facilitate maintenance and change of parts, where required.

10. How much time elapses between signing the contract and opening for business?

This will depend on the works needed to set up your laundry. The answer to this question can only be given on a case by case basis. Contact us and we will discuss your project in detail.

11. How much does a laundromat cost?

The initial outlay to open a laundromat will depend on the area chosen, the equipment, the intrinsic characteristics of the laundromat… Speed Queen offers financing solutions in some countries, up to 70% of the total investment.

To this initial investment, you need to add the variable costs associated with the operation of your laundromat (monthly rent of the premises in case of rental, costs of water, electricity, internet…). For an exact quote, feel free to

12. Can you make a living from a Speed Queen laundromat?

A Speed Queen laundromat is an excellent source of additional income. The turnover and profitability of a Speed Queen laundromat vary depending on the location, the traffic and the season. The location remains the determining factor in the success of a laundromat: If the location is good, the laundromat will become known and gain customers. Speed Queen will give you guidance on these issues and develop or help you develop a business plan on a case by case basis. Contact us via the contact form for more information on this topic.

13. What is the ROI of a Speed Queen laundromat?

The return on investment generally comes after 4 or 5 years, but then again this is just indicative. Speed Queen experts will be able to give you more detailed advice about this subject: contact us via the online contact form.

14. How do I find the right location for my laundromat?

The choice of location is crucial to the sustainability of your laundry. You will have two options: buy a laundromat or find the right location. This is the reason why Speed Queen experts leave nothing to chance and advise on the implementation of your laundry.

The most popular locations will be downtown, university residences, neighborhoods with small apartments (often old buildings), or tourist areas, near low cost hotels and youth hostels.

15. How do I draw up a business plan?

Speed Queen’s turnkey solution includes the business plan. Our experts carry out a market study that takes into account your budget and your needs. The choice of location will be one of the key elements of your success and this is why we systematically evaluate traffic and the potential of the premises or the proposed location.

16. Can I open a Speed Queen laundromat in a city other than where I live?

Speed Queen is present on all continents, in more than 20 countries. It is possible to open a Speed Queen laundromat in the city of your choice, but we recommend that the future manager be close to the laundromat to take care of opening and closing (home automation helps; it is now possible to automate opening and closing of the premises) and to be able to intervene quickly in case of force majeure. Be sure to fill in the ‘city’ and “country” fields of the contact form and tell us about your project in the “Message section”. We will build a turn-key solution that fits your needs.

17. Can I open a laundromat and have another job?

Yes! This is one of the many advantages of Speed Queen: you can open your laundry while pursuing your professional activity. Managing a Speed Queen laundromat will only take a few hours a week, including all tasks involved (opening and closing, cash management, maintenance, cleaning …).

18. Does Speed Queen offer any financing solutions?

In most countries, Speed Queen can finance up to 70% of your project. Let us know in the contact form if you need financing and we will discuss this with you.

19. How many people should I employ to run my laundromat?

A laundromat does not necessarily require staff. As the manager, you handle the administrative management and maintenance. You can go through external providers for accounting, cleaning and repairs, but outsourcing stops there. If you want and you have the time, you can assume the overall management. As for us, we will always be at your side to advise you and intervene as appropriate.

20. What is the minimum size for a Speed Queen laundromat?

The minimum size is 50 m2. You should consider your budget and the estimated traffic through the laundry. Only a thorough study can determine the ideal size for your laundry.

21. What types of machines does Speed Queen offer?

Speed Queen offers a wide range of professional washing machines and dryers: the performance and durability of our equipment have ranked us amongst the world leaders.

The capacity of our washing machines ranges from 6.5 to 24 kg, with several intermediate load capacities.

22. How do I equip my Speed Queen laundromat?

The minimum number of machines is 9 machines, but there are exceptions to this. Speed Queen helps you decide the number and install the washers and dryers in your laundromat. For precise information about this, contact us via the contact form.