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Speed Queen is the only brand that produces washing machines and has its own automatic machines laundry.


Minimum investment

Training is not compulsory

Simple management

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Speed Queen: Number 1 on the self-service launderette

  • Return on investment


    Self-service dryers have a fast payback period. Resistant to sector recessions.

  • No training


    Our experts accompany you at every step: the choice of premises, support technical, preparing a business plan ... Your success is ours goal!

  • Simple management


    No need to hire employees and have a warehouse own. Cash payment. Thanks to remote management, physical presence is not required.

Open Self-Service Laundries
Laundries and self-service
all over the world
6 months
The average time of opening a self-service laundry
Minimum Investment
The minimum
and initial investment
To set up your own self-service laundry
Cost of Personnel
Low cost
and maintenance
No need to hire employees. Manage your own laundry service via a mobile device.

Set up your own self-service laundry!

Discover the New Concept of Speed Queen Self-service Laundry

Speed Queen has been manufacturing industrial washing machines for over 100 years and is number 1 on world in the laundry industry. This is the only brand that offers its own washing machines industrial with the assumption of a self-service laundrette, without intermediaries.


Speed Queen offers its own financial services through Alliance Laundry Systems Group.


Alliance Laundry Systems has its own academy. Thanks to the «Customer One ® », our experts are trained in the highest quality customer service standard.



In a world where every brand strives for a positive distinction, Speed Queen plays an active role in implementing the principles of equal opportunities for women and women men.

WomenCertified Inc. is one of the largest women's organizations in America. Through its tips and rewards, this organization informs women on a regular basis and helps them increase their responsibility when buying products. Read more [...]

Speed Queen Women Choice Award 2016

Speed Queen: Gets rewards
Women's Choice Award for the fourth year in a row.

Self-service laundry:
Proven Business

The Speed Queen concept is a proven business model for those who I want to start my own business.

Speed Queen covers a large number of stores in Europe: every day, Speed Queen self-service laundromat concept it seduces investors from around the world.

Discover the Concept of Self-service Laundry Speed Queen

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