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Washer / Dryer
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18KG Washer
14KG Dryer
Relax area
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Ironing service
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9KG Washer
25 KN
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10 KN / 15 min

Washing and drying tips

Learn how to wash your clothes according to the kind of fabric, to get your washing whiter and completely remove all stains, even the toughest ones. You will also learn the meanings of labels about washing, drying and ironing.

  • How to wash a comforter
  • How to clean a carpet
  • How to clean leather
  • How to clean suede
  • How to remove the smell of perspiration
  • How to whiten laundry

How to remove stains

  • How to remove sweat stains from a garment
  • How to remove a red wine stain
  • How to remove a blood stain from a garment
  • How to remove a rust mark
  • How to remove a chocolate stain from fabric
  • How to remove oil stains from garments
  • How to remove mildew stains from linen

Recommendations & warnings:

do not wash or dry shoes. Washing or drying animal garments is strictly forbidden. Animal garments may be washed or dried in the machines set aside for this service. Do not dry carpets with rubber parts. Please remove your washing from the machines when the wash or drying cycle is complete, as a courtesy to other users. If available, please buy your loyalty cards at the cash desk.

Washing tips:

to protect your laundry, read the labels on clothing and follow the instructions about temperature and washing mode: meaning of washing labels. Select the appropriate wash cycle. Empty your pockets. Unfold the sleeves and close the zippers. Separate your linen by color: white, dark, colored. Wash heavily-soiled linen separately. Wash new, colored linen separately. Wash wool in cold water. Wash colored linen at a maximum temperature of 40°C. Wash synthetic and dark-colored items at a maximum temperature of 30°C maximum one. Use the correct amount of detergent. Do not exceed the correct dosage. Speed Queen washing machines optimize wash results. Put washing additives directly in the drum. For a high quality wash, do not overload the washing machine. For better results, use the large washing machines for comforters.

Drying tips:

to protect your laundry, read the labels on clothing and follow the instructions about temperature and drying mode: meaning of washing labels - for good drying results, do not overload the dryer. Do not dry synthetic articles at high temperature. Put scented or anti-static sheets directly into the dryer. The dryer can be open at any time to check if the laundry is dry. The cycle will continue as soon as the door is closed.