Speed Queen opens store number 100 in Italy

February 21, 2019 | Category : Press Release, |

Thanks to the full dedication of the Italian team working with entrepreneurs, studying the market and selecting the most promising locations, Speed Queen has opened its 100th store, after only three years in the market.

, Speed Queen opens store number 100 in Italy

Speed Queen Investors have a presence in 14 regions of Italy, with a clear ambition to expand to the remaining ones in the coming months. For now, there are Speed Queen stores in the main Italian cities, such as Roma, Torino, Bologna and Milano.  Investors also are bringing this concept to small towns, where Speed Queen laundromats not only offer high quality and a great service, but are also meeting places.

Customers say that Speed Queen stores don’t seem like ordinary coin-operated launderettes but more like lounges, where they can sit, relax and enjoy the flawless washing and drying service. The Italian team thinks that the beauty, design and quality that Speed Queen stores offer have been key to attracting the Italian public.

100 Speed Queen launderettes: who runs them?

Owning a Speed Queen launderette means choosing a form of investment that can offer reasonable, easy, long-term earnings. Many investors choose to expand by opening a second store, a third or even a fourth after just a few months. The Italian store number 100 is the third store opened in Torino by the same investor.

The Speed Queen Italian team is now entering phase two, providing the partners with even more support, guiding them in their local marketing programmes to protect their existing areas and help them grow. In those areas, where Speed Queen does not have a presence yet, the plan is to explain how to open a Speed Queen store and how to run it once opened. For partners looking to expand their businesses, Speed Queen’s commitment to exceptional service and reliable equipment have made the company a world leader.. Finally, for those who already have a laundromat and have been running it for years, Speed Queen offers a renovation programme, to convert the business to a Speed Queen store.

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The main objective of Speed Queen launderettes is to make everybody who comes into a store to feel respected, pampered and well-served.

The Speed Queen concept: how the team operates?

Speed Queen provides a turnkey offer for investors wanting to open a Speed Queen store. The team takes care of everything, focusing on training the investor. Alongside the business owner, the team will design marketing and social media campaigns so that anyone living near a Speed Queen store can integrate visiting the store into their weekly routine. Using a self-service laundromat is not a fashion trend – it is a new way of living. It means being conscious of the environment, reducing energy consumption and joining the sharing economy, while also saving valuable free time by utilizing equipment with fast cycle times.