Speed Queen opens its 40th laundromat in Poland

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The EEUU-based laundromat brand Speed Queen, known for its premium design, has just opened its 40th Polish store in Wroclaw.

Speed Queen Wrocław – Borowska was the 3rd store in this city, opened in March 2020. The first one was opened in 2016 on Kurkowa street and second in 2018 on Zakladowa street. Since then, they have already opened a 4th one on Polaka street in July 2020. The brand continues to expand its footprint of stores in Poland and Europe as their profitability is increasing.

Speed Queen is establishing new standards in the laundromat market. The brand has taken the laundry to a premium environment, where users are greeted by bright, vibrant colors, and a comfortable, welcoming space that features cutting-edge touch screen washers and dryers that produce excellent hygienic results.

The Wroclaw laundromat in Poland, located on Borowska Street, offers 17 machines (9 washers and 8 dryers up to 20kg) in 70 square meters. It also features a ‘relax zone’ where customers will be able to wait with free Wi-Fi until their washing or drying cycle ends.

Since choosing Speed Queen five years ago as our unique concept of laundromat for Poland, we have been seeing an evolution in the perception of laundromats,” said Marcin Szastak, owner of Sovrana, Speed Queen partner in Poland. “With Speed Queen Stores, we are offering a premium business model, that includes all the tools needed to attract premium customers to laundromats: touch screen and connected machines, customer app, cashless payment, automatic soap provided to the end users. The brand even makes sure that laundromats can be found online,” Szastak said.

Speed Queen is rapidly growing its base of stores, with more than 750 laundromats thriving in Europe.

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The first Speed Queen store opened in the winter of 2013 in Roma. Today, Speed Queen’s footprint has included France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, and UK. In the last few months, new Speed Queen laundromats have also emerged in Albania and Turkey.

The brand’s rapid expansion is finding a successful niche in mid-size cities.

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