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 (Porto Franchise, December 3rd, , 2015,  Porto Palácio Hotel)

The world’s leading commercial laundry business – Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS) – will be at Porto Franchise in Portugal to promote a new investment opportunity for Portuguese entrepreneurs to create their own self-service laundry business under the global ‘Speed Queen’ brand in partnership with Speedystage LDA, its local distributor for the Speed Queen Concept store.

Speed Queen is America’s largest commercial laundry brand, with an established reputation for reliability in thousands of existing self-service laundry businesses around the world. It is now harnessing both its technology and experience to deliver a proven investment opportunity throughout Europe.

And it is already showing that it is a proven business performer for investors who want to be their own boss, with a network of more than 60 stores across Europe in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Austria and Poland.

Maurizio Tormena, Project Director EMEA for the Speed Queen Concept Store is excited about the future: “Portugal is a new market for ALS for the self-service laundry concept and the response from potential investors has been considerable,” he says.

“With two Speed Queen Stores already opened in Lisbon this year, Speed Queen has a starting point from which to grow. Porto is the next logical step for the Speed Queen footprint in the country and the Franchise show is the perfect opportunity to present the new concept to investors.”

ARTICLE +  Speed Queen Laundromats provide essential service during COVID-19 and remain open

A self-service laundry presents a very different opportunity from ‘traditional’ franchise-based investments that focus on fast food or retail: Unlike other comparable investment opportunities, there are no ongoing royalties or commissions to be paid. It does not involve onerous stock management issues, and because the operation is ‘self-service’, no employees are required. The amount of time an owner needs to spend to manage a Speed Queen Self-Service Laundry is reduced to the minimum.

The amount of specialist knowledge required is also minimal, beyond having the skill to recognize an investment opportunity that delivers steady and predictable returns, and that is effectively ‘recession proof’ since laundry is a basic need.

“Our ambition is to build a network of more than 1,500 new stores across Europe,” Maurizio adds, “working with investors who want a proven business model that allows them to become their own boss, supported in every step by the World No.1 in commercial Laundry.”

A Speed Queen branded store will suit somebody looking for a business opportunity that presents reliable returns and a stable cash flow but that requires limited investment in time. It may be ideal for those looking for a career change and those with a cash sum to invest, or someone considering retirement that wants to supplement their income.

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