Speed Queen is celebrating the opening of 100 laundromats in Spain

February 5, 2019 | Category : News, Press Release, |

The Speed Queen laundromat business model has proved its worth by opening 100 stores in Spain in just 3 years, with no closures. Besides this success, the brand forecasts 30% growth in 2018.

100 laundromats opened:

With its laundromat licensing concept, the Spanish Speed Queen team has proven just how well the business model works with the launch of 100 stores in just 3 years. At present, none of these stores has closed down, further testament to the success of this business concept.

Store no. 100 is located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and is the second store to be opened by the same investor in the Canary Islands, a region defined by its many restrictions at an environmental level. Speed Queen is the leading laundromat service in the area because it boasts energy efficient machines, optimized for space. For more information on the benefits of Speed Queen laundromats check out this article on What makes Speed Queen laundromats different?

The Speed Queen laundromat concept

Any owner who decides to open a Speed Queen laundromat is receiving a turnkey business. The Speed Queen laundromat concept is designed to maximize the owner’s profits with a minimum investment risk. The owner is fully supported by the Alliance team, from picking the store’s location to recommending which type of machines and what services the store should offer.


Unlike a franchise, the Speed Queen model offers all of the benefits of a franchise, without costs over and above the sales margin. To hear what one of our Speed Queen laundromat owners has to say about the business, watch the interview in the video contained within this article.

If you’re thinking about becoming the owner of one of our Speed Queen laundromats and would like to see how a laundromat works, check our the store closest to you by using our laundromat store locator