Franchise or licensed store, what gives the best margin profit for 2021?

Partnering with the World N1 in Self-Service Laundry

Franchise advantages and disadvantages

Opening a franchise means a few things for your activity. You will get a famous brand identity and lower business risk. You will still be the owner of your business but under someone else’s rules and business practices.
That also means you, as a franchisee, will give the percentage of your hard-earned money to the franchisor. Every month, and every year. Ongoing franchise fees and royalties to pay. But, given the current offer of the franchises for sale, can you even get a better deal?

Speed Queen licensed stores - better than the best franchise idea

Speed Queen offers a custom business solution. Our licensed store concept is not a traditional franchise. Meaning, you don’t pay us a percentage of your profit. Forget about the franchise royalties and franchise entry fees. We offer a business model more flexible than  the best franchise opportunities on the market.

Also, you will get the best advice on how to invest your money. You will get full help from our finance experts regarding your franchise business plan.

Speed Queen Alliance Financing is aimed to help investors prosper. Contact us to see if you qualify for our financing plan, and you can simply start a franchise-like business with low investment.

Speed Queen Licensed Stores: business excellence tradition aimed at the future

Speed Queen was founded in 1908 in Wisconsin, USA. For more than 110 years, our name has been a synonym for reliability, superior performance, and outstanding business results. We are the world’s largest corporation in the self-service laundry business. Since 2014, we are the only laundry machine manufacturer that offers branded laundromats. That’s why we are considered one of the best laundromat franchises in the world, even if we are NOT a franchise.

Business concept with modern technology and low cost of maintenance

The time of coin-operated laundromats is slowly becoming history. Speed Queen’s laundromat concept mixes traditional values and top-notch modern solutions. Unlike many existing  laundromat franchises Speed Queen laundromat concept can be operated using more up-to-date solutions.

Our modern and robust washing machines save time, energy, and money. They can be plugged on our Speed Queen Insights solution, to remotely manage your laundromat and customers. All you need is access to the Internet. It is also paired with a customer app enabling in-store cashless payment and rewards for the laundromat user.

We also take care of all the machine’s regular updates, so you can focus on your business.

Why invest in a laundry franchise in Europe

More than 700 Speed Queen laundromat stores are opened in Europe, and they enjoy as strong brand presence as any other franchised store would. Our European stores network stretches across 25 countries and more than 465 cities. And that’s just the beginning. The European laundromat market is on the rise, and the need for self-service laundromats has never been greater. You can easily be the first one to open a Speed Queen licensed store in your town, with as strong support as any franchise network would offer, without any royalties to pay every month. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Speed Queen premium design

Speed Queen is the easiest business to start. With our Speed Queen premium design concept, your laundromat is ready to start immediately. From the color of the walls, all the way to the best laundry machines and stunning marketing solutions. This is our turnkey solution for the investors. Whether you want to open a new Speed Queen licensed store or revamp your existing laundromat, we have you covered. You will get all the benefits of a franchise, without the franchise disadvantages.


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