How to wash bath towels in a washing machine

February 4, 2019 | Category : User tips, |

If the feeling of fluffy, fresh towels has disappeared, your towels seem to retain the smell of damp, or the material has become rough, then you’re at the right place. Here are some simple instructions on how to properly wash your towels and keep them soft for as long as possible.

Which wash cycle should you use?

The most suitable program depends on the fabric of your towels. Most towels are made of cotton, so use the cotton program* and set the wash temperature to at least 40 degrees:

  • 60° is ideal for white towels
  • 40° is best for darker towels, to prevent them from fading.

Wash towels separately from the rest of your laundry.

Check that there are no specific washing instructions on the towel labels. To understand the symbols on these labels, read our article: The meaning of clothing labels

If your towels aren’t cotton, avoid temperatures higher than 40°.

*if you don’t have a cotton program on your machine, use the ‘White/Colors’ cycle.

How to dry towels

If you use our laundromats, dry your cotton towels at high temperature in the dryers provided for this purpose, but not for more than 5 minutes. Excess drying could damage the fabric. Dry clothes preferably in a well ventilated room and avoid direct sunlight (which would stiffen your towels).


If your towels are linen or feature a decorative strip, dry them in the open air or in the dryer at a low temperature.

How to make your towels fluffier

Wrapping yourself in a rough towel isn’t nice: the following tips will help you to retain the towel’s original softness. If it is very damaged, you’ll have to buy a new one.

To prevent limescale deposits in the water supply and the fibers of your towels, there’s nothing better than adding a little household vinegar or bicarbonate of soda to your wash. Add it directly to the drum or to the tray where the detergent goes.

Of course, adding softener to your washes is highly recommended, to make the fabric as soft as possible.