How to wash a comforter

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How to wash a comforter

Speed Queen is the world’s number 1 industrial laundry. In this article, you will discover the main methods for washing a comforter.

Machine washing a comforter

Just like sheets, pillowcases and covers, comforters require special care to maintain the softness and comfort that they offer during the winter. Cleaning a comforter is no easy task because of its thickness and size. To protect textile fibers – but also in the interests of hygiene – a washing machine is the best option, provided you have the appropriate machine.

For comforters which are too fragile, i.e. those filled with down and feathers, professional laundry washing is recommended. To avoid the formation of balls or clumping inside your comforter, add two or three tennis balls to your machine. The balls will beat the comforter during the wash cycle.

Handwashing a comforter

You can also wash your comforter yourself. Although it is hard work, it is entirely do-able: plunge your comforter in a bath-tub filled with soapy water. However, take care not too to wring it too much when you drain out the surplus water: that could easily damage the filling. Drying flat is recommended. If you do not have a flat surface, you can opt for machine drying.

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The ideal frequency for washing comforters

In the interests of hygiene, household linen should be freshened and cleaned regularly. However, this does not apply to comforters. Since it is not in direct contact with your skin, you simply need to ensure the comforter cover is regularly washed.

To avoid damaging your comforter, wash it in the offseason, at a laundromat. For easy cleaning of a comforter if it only slightly soiled, a stain-removing product may suffice. Be sure to air it well to prevent moisture and fungus.

For a professional-quality wash, use one of our laundromats: Speed Queen machines are built using the same materials as the professional washing machines you find in industrial laundries and luxury hotels.