How to remove oil stains from garments

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How to remove oil stains from garments

The first tip is: never put water on oil stains! Water and oil don’t mix and the stain will sink even deeper into the fabric. Similarly, avoid salt, which eats away at fabric, especially fragile and delicate materials such as silk. First, try to remove the stain using one of the tips mentioned below, before putting the laundry through the machine.

Removing oil stains with talcum powder

If the oil stain is still wet, put talcum powder on the stained area and leave it to take effect. The talcum powder will gradually absorb the stain and all you need to do is dust the item down before putting it through the machine. If you don’t have talcum powder, you can use flour. If talcum powder or flour don’t work, rub the stain with a paper towel.

If the stain is dry and well soaked into the fabric, sprinkle it with talcum powder, add a few paper towels and pass a medium hot iron over it (being careful not to burn the paper towel): The heat will bring out the oil, the talcum powder will absorb it and all that remains is to remove the paper towels.

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Remove a stain with washing soda

If the stained linen is suitable for washing in hot water, dip it in a basin filled with a liter of hot water and washing soda (half a cup). After half an hour, rub the stains and put the laundry through the machine.

Removing stains with salt

This method is not recommended for delicate fabrics. On the other hand, it may be useful for jeans or linen: just sprinkle the stain with salt and leave it for a whole day. Then rub the stain with a sponge soaked in liquid soap and then put the garment through the machine.

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