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How to remove a blood stain from a garment

The stain should be removed as quickly as possible: avoid using hot water, which would coagulate the blood, making it harder to clean. Here are the steps to follow to remove a blood stain from a synthetic garment:

  1. Start by removing as much blood as possible using a paper towel.
  2. Place the fabric in cold water, in which a little washing powder has been dissolved.
  3. If the stain resists, try diluting an aspirin in a glass of water, soak a cloth with it and rub the remains of the stain.
  4. Another option: soak a cotton cloth with saline solution.
  5. Put your garment through the machine.

If the fabric is silk or wool, use wet starch. If none is available, cold water mixed with soap should be effective (add a little oxygenated water if the task is particularly resistant).

For cotton or other natural fibers, first try to remove the stain by rubbing the laundry in a basin full of soapy, cold water. If the spot is hard to remove, add salt or colorless vinegar to water. Then wash the garment in the machine.

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