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Speed Queen: Better than franchise

Starting a Speed Queen laundromat is a bit like starting a franchise … but without the downsides!


Franchise investment

franchiseOpening a franchise is often seen as safer and more profitable than setting up a business from scratch. Brand awareness, extensive marketing support, initial training: all these factors are appealing to potential investors. However, these services are not paid for by franchisors: they are part of the franchisee’s fees … and these fees are often high so one should think twice before starting a franchise!


No entrance fee & no royalties with Speed Queen

Speed Queen let’s you enjoy all the benefits without having to pay the price of a franchise. When you open a Speed Queen laundromat, you pay absolutely no franchise fee at all. You do not “buy the concept” as you would do by becoming a franchisee. Our consulting services and installation assistance are completely free. But that’s not all: once installed, you do not pay any other fees or royalties even though your self-service laundry is crowned by the Speed Queen logo, benefits from the quality of Speed Queen washing machines and dryers, and enjoys increased visibility through Speed Queen marketing materials and websites!

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