Lisbon (Portugal), Avenida Infante Santo

Lisbon (Portugal), Avenida Infante Santo

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Washing and drying tips

Do not wash or dry shoes.

It is strictly forbidden to wash or dry animal clothing.
Animal clothing can be washed or dried in specific washers or dryers if present in the Laundromat.

Only soft carpets can be washed and dried. Do not dry carpets with rubber parts.

Please remove your belongings from the machines when washing or drying is finished, in respect of other users.

If available, you can buy fidelity cards at the central pay system.

To avoid damages, read item labels and always follow the washing indications on temperature levels and type of wash.

Select the proper washing programme.

Empty all pockets.

Unfold sleeves and close zippers.

Separate your items by colour group: white, dark and coloured.

Wash heavily spoiled items separately.

Wash new coloured items separately.

Wash wool with cold programmes.

Wash coloured items at maximum 40°C.

Wash dark and synthetic item at max 30°C.

Use correct amount of detergents. Do not exaggerate. Speed Queen washers offer optimized washing actions.

Add wash additives directly in the drum

For a optimized wash, do not overload washers.

For better results when washing duvets, or large items, use the larger washers.

To avoid damages, read item labels and always follow the drying indications.

For a optimized drying, do not overload dryers.

Do not dry synthetic items at high temperatures.

Add anti-static or perfumed sheets directly in the dryer.

Item dryness can be checked by opening the dryer. Paid cycle will continue upon closing the door again.

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