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From November 13th -15th 2016, the International Cleaning & Hygiene Conference brought together 350 internationally-renowned brands, including Alliance Laundry Systems, world number 1 in commercial laundry. Rocco di Bari, the group’s EMEA Vice-President, addressed a large audience of experts, reminding them of Alliance’s objectives as regards innovation and services:

  • Improve service both to customers and operators
  • Reduce customers’costs, increasing their revenues
  • Protect the environment

For more than a century, Alliance Laundry Systems group and its leading brands, such as Speed Queen, have been leaders of an ever-expanding sector. But the group does not limit itself to adding new technologies to those already existing: it endeavors constantly to improve the performance of its client offerings.

Some innovations worthy of note :

  • Wet Cleaning solutions for on-site laundries, making dry cleaning obsolete (the wash/dry cycle now only lasts an hour).
  • OptidryTM stops automatically once the humidity level has been reached.
  • TotalVueTM enables operators to select all critical parameters through a single control.
  • The Speed Queen concept: a turnkey solution to set up a laundromat, including design, equipment, training and marketing support.

To improve client service, Alliance Laundry Systems has opened client support centers in several parts of the world, including in Dubai. This proximity with the customers, together with a century-old tradition of innovation, has elevated Alliance Laundry Systems to its place as uncontested leader.

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