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Speed Queen opens store number 100 in Italy

Thanks to the full dedication of the Italian team working with entrepreneurs, studying the market and selecting the most promising locations, Speed Queen has opened its 100th store, after only three years in the market. Speed Queen Investors have a presence in 14 regions of Italy, with

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Speed Queen is celebrating the opening of 100 laundromats in Spain

speed queen laundromats

The Speed Queen laundromat business model has proved its worth by opening 100 stores in Spain in just 3 years, with no closures. Besides this success, the brand forecasts 30% growth in 2018. 100 laundromats opened: With its laundromat licensing concept, the Spanish Speed Queen team has

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“Fuller House”: The Speed Queen vintage party!

fuller house

In one of the episode of Fuller House, characters organize a vintage party in a laundromat… and there is no better brand than Speed Queen for such occasion! Our laundromats provide not only the best laundry equipment of all time, but they offer a wide range of services and a

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Hurricane Irma: Alliance Laundry Systems launches a financial aid program

Hurricane Irma: Alliance Laundry Systems launches a financial aid program Alliance Laundry Systems will provide financial aid to the owners of laundries damaged by Hurricane Irma, in Florida and the Houston area. Alliance Laundry Systems’ program The group will grant loans (from $ 2,500 to $ 500,000)

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SPEED QUEEN: AMERICA’S PRIDE On the 4th of July – Independence Day and a national holiday in the United States – the cult brand, Speed Queen, celebrates its country as well as its 100-year history. Since its founding in 1908, Speed Queen has developed and produced the

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Speed Queen

As a manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment for more than 100 years, Speed ​​Queen is now the world's No. 1 in self service laundromats.

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