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Speed Queen intelligent laundromat

speed queen inteligent laundromat

An intelligent laundromat is one that boasts the ultimate in automated services. Automated services can be defined as the set of computing and electronic techniques used to automate a home or store. When it comes to an entire building, the term “building automation” is sometimes used. Speed

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How is the turnover of a laundromat calculated?

turnover laundromat

To guarantee the success of its laundry owners and managers, Speed Queen supports its investors every step of the way. Together, we choose the best location for the premises, the most suitable size for the laundromat, the name and types of machine to be installed, the store

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Speed Queen: 35 new openings in Italy during 2018

speed queen openings

Do you remember the recently made Speed Queen teleshopping with Giorgio Mastrota? Great! Because the king of teleshopping, after sponsoring the world-leading American brand in the professional laundry market, has decided to invest personally in the business of the coin-operated, Speed Queen branded laundries: at the beginning

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THE BEST PROFESSIONAL LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT FOR SELF-SERVICE LAUNDROMATS Speed Queen has been around since 1908 and has been manufacture washing machines for domestic and professional use for over 100 years. All our product lines have one common denominator: a passion for innovation and the quality of the

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WHAT IS A FRANCHISE ? A franchise is a collaboration between a franchisor and a franchisee: for a fee, the franchisee has the right to use the franchisor’s business concept. But this cannot be just any concept: to be used as a franchise, the concept must be a

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Speed Queen

As a manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment for more than 100 years, Speed ​​Queen is now the world's No. 1 in self service laundromats.

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