B2B: which customers for my laundromat?

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With Speed Queen, you do not have to worry about the quality of the laundry. Our machines are designed to take care of the textiles, although your customers must, of course, follow the clothes’ label instructions. Washers and dryers are very fast, efficient, and have a large load capacity. We also make sure that the customer experience in our stores is outstanding. Here are some tips to help attract new clients, especially B2B.

How to draw the attention of small businesses? 

There are a few options, such as offering a volume discount based on how much they use our services, or a low-cost service during the off-peak time. These additional discounts won’t cost you a lot and are ideal to find clients among the small businesses in your area. 

You might have identified some low volume moments in your launderette. How do you attract customers during these off-peak hours? Visit all the shops of the neighborhood (hairdressers, beauty salons, restaurants, pet salon…) that might have some items to wash regularly and offer them custom-made discounts, depending on the volume of washings. They could use your machines at a special price during off-peak hours or be rewarded with extra-credit during these hours. Loyalty cards are effective in encouraging them to use your laundromat.

Take advantage of the Speed Queen tireless machines

Our equipment is a long-lasting investment. A recent survey by Consumer Reports showed that the Speed Queen machines are the most reliable of the market. Due to premium materials and demanding life testing (in Alliance Laundry Systems innovation centers).

The industrial machines differ from the household machines in their load capacity, the materials they’re made of, and their design. Instead of washing 5 to 7 kg of laundry, laundromat machines can handle loads up to 20 kg (or even more). Our equipment will satisfy B2C and B2B customers. 

Our machines load capacity and their robustness make them ideal for businesses such as small hotels, hair salons, spa centers, kindergartens, restaurants. Owners should highlight these advantages on your social media.

Disclaimer: before offering attended services in your laundry (e.g laundry delivery), check if your laundromat has the appropriate legal status or ask your Speed Queen team.

New B2B customers profiles for your business

Many businesses look for the services of a laundry with professional equipment adapted to their needs. Speed Queen machines are perfect for professional use: they can wash huge amounts of laundry without damaging the textile fiber and they enable users to customize their cycles depending on the material or the type of stains. 

It is important to draw to your B2B customer’s attention how the externalization of the laundry will let them focus on their main activity.


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It is necessary for restaurants to ensure good laundry care, whether it’s the table linen, curtains or staff uniforms. Outsourcing the laundry care is a way to fully focus on your restaurant and, at the same time, ensure the cleanliness of the establishment.


The hair salons and beauty centers usually use a laundry service to clean their towels and bathrobes for high quality results: who can resist fresher, softer and cleaner towels? 

Small hotels/Spas

Small hotels do not necessarily have enough space for an on-premises laundry room, which is why outsourcing is a great solution. A laundry service deals with linen collection, but also with sorting the linens according to color and fabric. From duvets to sheets, bed covers to pillowcases: they take care of everything.


Kindergartens use laundry services to help them save time. Fast and hygienic, it gives them peace of mind and allows them to focus their efforts on the children’s experience.

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