700th Speed Queen-branded Laundromat Store Opens in Orbassano, Italy

June 25, 2020 | Category : News, Press Release, |

Speed Queen®, the global leader in vended commercial laundry, has redefined the customer experience with stores around the globe. Recently, the company claimed another milestone with the 700th Speed Queen-branded store opening in Orbassano, Italy.

“New investors and entrepreneurs continue to leverage the brand equity and our proven business model of Speed Queen-branded Laundromats to achieve exceptional return on investment,” said Marco Treggiari, director of Europe, Middle East and Africa for Speed Queen-licensed stores. “With laundromats being considered ‘essential’ businesses and allowed to stay open during the current pandemic, the strength of our industry has shined, and we expect new investors to expand the store count.”

Speed Queen Laundromats are now at work in 25 European countries and more than 465 cities. In addition, the 600 investors are further testament to the incredible value this business brings. Customers across Europe have linked the Speed Queen brand with the pinnacle of laundry experience, one that leverages speed, efficiency and technology to help them complete the laundry chore quickly.

With premium attributes such as large capacity machines, a customer-facing mobile app and rewards program and owner features, which include a digital marketing platform and business dashboard, Speed Queen has revolutionized the vended laundry experience for both owner and customer.


“As we slowly come out of quarantine, I expect additional customers to gravitate to the large capacity machines at Speed Queen Laundromats to make short work of laundering house linens that were used frequently during the confinement period,” Treggiari said, adding that current inexpensive commercial spaces make now a perfect time to invest in a Speed Queen Laundromat.

For more information on Speed Queen and to learn more about opening a Speed Queen-branded store in your own market and to locate the Speed Queen closest to you, visit speedqueeninvestor.com